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 What is Royal Family Kids' Camp?




Royal Family Kids' Camps are welcoming, one-week resident camps designed to meet the unique and overwhelming needs of abused and neglected children. It is through intensely supportive interaction with trained adults that the first question - "Am I loved?"- is answered. Our camps are sponsored and staffed by people from local churches. To be eligible for attendance, a child must be a victim of abuse and, in most cases, living in an out-of-home foster placement.

How can one Royal Family Kids' Camp possibly serve so great a need?

It can't. That is why we rely on the duplication process - we are the leading network of camps for abused children operating in the United States, as well as foreign countries. We have thousands of volunteers at hundreds of camps across America, all achieving a ratio of one adult volunteer to every two campers. We are grateful to the faith-based community which implements the camps and recruits the camp counselors and other staff members. And it is this model which is duplicated in local communities.


How can one week make a difference?    


 We offer them a healthy dose of hope... hope that a positive experience with loving adult role models is possible.


1. Where can I find an application?


You can find an application to the left on this page under the picture.  If you have any trouble with the link please contact Mark Hackney at (817) 894-2199.


2. Can my child come to camp?


A child is eligible for camp if they are age 6-11 prior to the date  and currently in foster/family care.


3. How much does camp cost?


There is no cost to the camper or care giver. The cost of camp is covered by donations.


4. What should I pack for my child to bring to camp?


After you submit the application form you will recieve a list of items to pack for camp.   Please leave any money, cameras or cell phones at home.  They will be collected at registration and returned to care giver.


5. Where should I bring my child for camp?


Each camper that has submitted an application will be asked to be at Granbury Church of Christ for registration on Monday of camp.  All the children will then be transported to camp.


6. When should I pick up my child/children?


The children will be transported from camp to  Granbury Church of Christ on Friday of camp week. A video of the events of camp will be shown to the campers, staff and care givers.  You will be given the time of video in your camp information. It is important to the children for you to be there for the video so that you can see what they have been doing all week.



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