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Camp Positions 


Please read over the following position descriptions and find the one for you! We have opportunities for everyone.




A full time counselor will allow two more campers to attend camp for the week.  Your time commitment will be 24/7 reporting to the camp the Sunday before camp starts.  You will be blessed by your time spent with two campers for the week.  You will make their week memorable by being their friend, cheerleader, and role model.  Many of our previous counselors will tell you that you will be blessed by your service that week.


Relief Counselor


The full time counselors will get two hours every evening to "unwind".  They need this time to regroup and take care of personal matters.  This is a very important time as the children are settling down after the days activities. We have the relief staff report no later then 7:00pm to help the counselors with this transition time of showers, hair washing, bedtime stories and quiet time before bed.  Generally you will need to stay until about 10:00 or 10:30pm.  Relief counselors are needed for Mon - Thurs. nights.  Of course you are welcome and encouraged to come even earlier if you are able.  The kids enjoy having you there to watch their activities!


Craft Person


Each year the kids enjoy an amazing array of craft projects throughout the week thanks to many of our volunteers who work many months in advance to prepare.  This may be the perfect place for you if you can only come during the day and prefer to stay indoors!  If this interests you then we will refer you to our Craft Coordinator for more details.




Every afternoon the children enjoy a snack and break time at the camps canteen.  This position generally will require about 3 hours each afternoon Monday - Thursday.  Snacks and drinks will need to be prepared and served and then of course clean up.  Everyone at camp appreciates the service of these wonderful volunteers who give us nice treats!




The camp has a great little fishing hole which the kids thoroughly enjoy!  We need  very patient and willing fishermen to help teach kids how to fish and of course bait those hooks!  The time commitment will be approx. 2-3 hours daily. Right now the time for fishing has not been established.




Our nuses are really special RN's who are willing to take care of the many needs  our campers have during the week. Meds will be dispensed at scheduled times.  You must be willing to love and nurture the many boo-boos and tummyaches that occur!  The nurses have a special cabin where they will stay during the week. You must be willing to stay 24/7 starting Sunday -Friday when camp is over. The nurse participates in the check in process.


Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles


All kids need grandparents, aunts and uncles! We know how important those roles are in the life of a child.  So we need loving people to come and hang out with our kids.  Children love people watching their activities and cheering them on!  You can spend as much time at camp as you can and sleep in your own bed! 


Breakfast Club


Breakfast club is a daily high energy fun activity that teaches life lessons  with Bibical  application. High energy people are encouraged to help with this great camp event. You will follow under the direction of a Breakfast Club coordinator who may need help prior to camp in organizing and creating fun activities for the kids. Breakfast Club occurs immediately following breakfast so the staff can have a quick morning meeting.


Relief Staff Coordinator


The camp needs two coordinators for relief staff. One for the girls and of course one for the boys. These people will provide a place for the relief staff to report to when they arrive at camp to check in and recieve their name badge and get their cabin assignments.  The coordinator will also schedule times for each cabin to report to the bathroom and keep things moving in a timely manner.  This is a time when it is noticed that items may be needed for the campers. 





Camp would not be camp without outdoor activities, plus we just need to burn off some of their energy so we can keep up!  Coaches will provide these fun-filled activites for each group of campers.  You must be flexible and have activies planned and ready to go!  This is  a time commitment of about 3 hours Tuesday - Thursday. 


Behavorial Modification Specialist


Counseling experience preferred.

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